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Leadership of Greater Washington Rebrand


Leadership of Greater Washington [LGW] is a professional networking organization in the Metro DC area. LGW engages leaders committed to serving the Greater Washington community. They encourage cooperation among all jurisdictions, institutions, and individuals across the Greater Washington region. 

The idea I really wanted to focus on here was the idea of building something beautiful from multiple pieces. Much like the community itself is built of members working together. I felt it was important to use colors and shapes that gave the feeling of creation, innovation, and teamwork. I also felt it was important to focus on keeping the overall design clean and functional in order to present the varieties of content in an organized and effective manner. 



Leadership of Greater Washington


Project Credits: 

Creative Direction: Natalie Eppolito
Design: Natalie Eppolito

Development: Sage Communications

Brand Strategy: Sage Communications

Implementation: Sage Communications


Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 12.00.59
Support Identity Materials
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